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Permanent hair reduction

Permanent laser hair reduction

Reduce unwanted hair permanently by 75-90% in a series of short sessions with Vectus laser. All skin types and hair colours can be treated, and Vectus offers a unique Melanin reader to guide optimal treatment settings. Vectus features a built-in cooling system to ensure client comfort during the treatment. A series of 6 treatments is sold as a package for best results, to ensure client commitment to their treatment. Individual treatments can be sold for clients to maintain their results annually. Treatments are spaced between 4 and 8 weeks apart dependng on the area being treated. Hair grows becomes slower and sparser after every treatment, with many clients not needing to shave at all between treatments!

The Cynosure Vectus laser is a diode laser designed as a dedicated single use laser. This is used specifically for laser hair removal. Diode lasers and long pulsed lasers are mainly for laser hair removal. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices are also used, however, they are not typically specific to hair removing. IPLs are most often used for treating sun damage, uneven pigment or spider veins. Sometimes they are more effective for red or certain less darkly colored hairs. Generally the various types of pulsed or in-motion diode lasers provide efficient and effective treatment. The efficacy varies with the design and brand of devices. Also depends on technique and treatment settings that are usedd. The Cynosure Vectus laser provides some significant treatment advantages over prior diode laser hair removal systems. Other lasers are much less efficient at targeting hairs. Thus, require much higher energy settings. They are very pigment-friendly for darker skin types and have a role for treating some color skin. Cynosure Vectus has emerged as the popular laser for efficacy, safety, cost and comfort.